Juice fast day 3&4

Ok, so juice fast still going good.
I am craving food but I’m being strong.
I didn’t get to start my spin class yesterday :(
Apparently, the class starts next week.
But I did get a good workout at the gym yesterday.
Started my new job tonight, at a pizza place.
But I know I’m gonna be strong, I can make it.
Didn’t get to workout tonight because of work so I’ll get a good one in tomorrow.
I’m really proud of myself of making it through this the second time,
And I know I’ll be able to make through the whole 2 months.
So weight for day 3 - 206.7 
Weight for day 4 -  204.9

Juice fast day 1&2

Have been good.
My work out’s have been strong, and I’m not really craving food.
Its working alot better than before.
I’m really happy that I decided to give it another try.
Whenever I get hungry,
The juice usually just fills me up but the water helps too.
My first day of class tomorrow and my first day of spin class.
I’m totally excited.
 My weight for the 1st day -210
2nd day - I’m down to 208 
Can’t wait to tell about my spin class tomorrow :)

My Juice Fast - Refreshed

Ok, so I was juice fasting for about 2 weeks, and I cheated a bunch of times.
I skipped my work out a lot because I thought I was losing weight..
So why bother?
But now, I’m ready to get back at it.
I can’t promise I’ll make it through the whole 2 months
But I promised myself at LEAST 6 weeks.
Also while that is happening, I’m actually gonna work out.
This whole time my work out has been from magazines and work out videos,
But since school is starting, I now have a gym open to me and a bunch of classes.
So I’m going to take advantage of that and work out as much as I can.
My roommate is pretty annoying, so being out of the house is kinda key for me,
So if I can stay out of the house and work out all the time,
It works out on all levels that I need to get done.
Besides just juice, I’m still gonna go for water and green tea.
It makes me feel alot better and calms me alot.
Its a bit stressful, having to deal with school, and work,
While also working towards my goal, but I’m strong.
I know I can do this.
I’m going to restart it tomorrow, and I am going to write something everyday :) 

Juice Fast : Day 6 - 10

Yeah so around day 6, it wasn’t too great.

Cheated once, we had a bbq with lots of wine.
But after that, I got myself back on the wagon,
And I think I’ll be fine to make through the rest of the 50 days.
I finally got all the juices the way I wanted them now,
And I’m getting to where I can’t wait to work out, so thats good.
Down to 207 which is good.
Green tea is something I only drink sometimes,
But its good, it speeds up your metabolism.
I realized that as long as I shoved water into my body, I’d be fine.
But this is the question I have..
I know that there are these soluble things of fiber.
Its like drink stick things and I know you can mix them in to your water..
And I’m kinda considering it on the really hard days..
Ya know when the hunger is unbearable so I can stay full for a while.
I don’t know, tell me what you think?

Juice Fast - Day 2 - 5

I’m sorry, I’m bad at doing things like this.

The past couple of days have been ok.
I broke twice but I think I got it all out of my system.
Drinking, not so much.
I’ve been having my fair share of wine lately, but I’m sure I’ll stop soon.
Juicing though, I do enjoy.
I get fairly full quickly now, so I’m guessing my body’s getting used to it.
Weighed myself today, down to 210, so I’m still progressing.
Which is good.
I’ve decided though to open my “Juice and water” fast to include green tea.
It’s good for you and helps burn fat.
I think its gonna be a hard 2 months but I think I can do it,
As long as I add fruit to everything that I drink :) 

Juice Fast - Day 1

Ok so my day one, sucked.
My hunger pangs were really bad.
I didn’t have alot of water though, yesterday..
So I’m thinking if I drink alot of water today, that should take care of it.
My work out wasn’t alot, just walked a mile.
But I can say, that I had alot of energy after drinking my first cup.
Cleaned my whole kitchen lol
Also besides drinking mean green, I had 2 other juices.

First one, was Orange, Watermelon, Carrot, and spinch..
Which I have to say was pretty damn delicious.
Personally, if you want something to taste good, add watermelon.

Second, was Honeydew Melon, apple, celery, and spinach..
Which was also pretty good..

But its just late at night, when I normally get a lot of my hunger…
Also when I’m on tumblr, because everyone reblogs pictures of food.

But today, I think will be ok.
Weighted myself this morning - 214.6
So I lost a good pound already :)
I’m drinking my morning “mean green”, and I’m feeling good.

So Today is the day..

I’m going to start juicing.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, 
Then watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.
Its about this guy thats sick and very fat who only drink juice for 2 months,
He loses 80 pounds, and stops using alot of his medication.
And I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago and decided to go for it.
I normally just live off of liquids these days anyways.
I’m sure this will be ok.
I’m really excited and will keep you updated on pretty much everything I do.
Because I gotta exercise too :)

Starting weight: 216

Goal weight: 160-140

I start each morning with MeanGreen juice.
3 Kale Leaves
1/2 a cucumber
2 stalks of celery
1 apple
1/4 a lemon

I will only drink juice and water, no food. (duh)

I will work out, even if its walking once a day.

Oh and I’m gonna weight myself everyday.

Today’s the first day so more guidelines will come in, after time.
 But totally follow mine journey, if you’d like :)