fitness blog that’s following back :)

When I hit my goal weight, I’m getting a a big tattoo and going blonde :)


fitness blog that’s following back :)

When I hit my goal weight, I’m getting a a big tattoo and going blonde :)

Weight loss Challenge Days 4, 5, 6

Sorry it took me so long to update. I was going to yesterday but my blog was blacked out to protest that whole stupid SOPA-PIPA shit.

 Day four: Do you work out? How many times a week?

I’m not working out as much as I should right now but I’m getting up there. I’m going to start 30 day Shred soon because I heard that was good (I’ll keep you guys updated on that.) But ideally, I’d like to start working out 5-6 days a week and I think with starting 30 day shred, that would be easier to get used to. Plus, I really wanna get a nice butt one of these days. :)

Day five: Is there any specific event you want to lose the weight for?

Weight loss Challenge Day 2 and 3

Sorry, I suck so bad at updating this shit… I’ve been working a bunch the past couple of days and haven’t really had much time :(

Day two: What is your MAIN reason for wanting to lose weight? (Be honest.) 

 Honestly, I want to feel normal. I know there isn’t exactly a thing called normal these days but..I’d love to get some worry off of my body. I worry a lot, about everything and the thought of knowing that I don’t have to worry about muffin top or something making me look too big or something being a little too short is comforting. It makes me feel better to think that someone not liking me for my size isn’t going to be that much of an issue. Plus, I’d love to know what it feels like to shop in the side of the store that all my other friends do. I hate having to move from juniors to womens because my size isn’t there or having to go to the plus size side to shop. Most importantly, I want to know what its like to feel beautiful, to love my body for what it is for once. To not feel weird about taking off my clothes in front of someone or how I look in crazy clothes. I just want to feel good about myself and prove to myself that I can do it. I’m lazy and a bit of a quitter sometimes and if I could actually get through this, it would be a growth in my life that I could actually feel very proud of, and I want to feel proud of myself so bad, you don’t even understand.

Day three: Do you count calories? What is your daily calorie goal/allowance?

Before, I’ve tried to count calories and ended up forgetting or failing but now, I’m trying to get into it. I downloaded an app on my phone, its called Noom Weight loss coach and what it does is pretty much help me log my workouts and calorie intake and even how much water I drink a day. Also it notifies me all the fucking time so I won’t forget to log my shit so I’m hoping this time I actually get somewhere good with it and start a habit.

Weekly Challenge Update: The challenge was to get rid of a unhealthy eating habit and I picked to stop drinking soda and eating fast food. So far, I’ve done pretty good. No soda, no fast food. The only bad thing I’ve had is dions and its only been either a sandwich filled with veggies on wheat bread with fruit or a salad with water so I’m doing better than getting a slice of pizza with 15 pounds of cheese on it. I’m happy I’m doing so strong though. I know if I just stick to this that it’ll become a habit and I love the thought of having good habits for a change.

Guess who’s starting a 2 month weight loss challenge?

Day one: How tall are you, what do you currently weigh, and what do you hope to weigh after the 60 days? (Be realistic). 

 I am about 5’2 and I weigh 207 and I know this is a bit far fetched but I’d like to get down to a minimum of 170 in 2 months because I know what I wanna do and when I get into something, I can make it happen.

Week One !

Weekly challenge: Pick one unhealthy food or habit you have (eg. Artificial sweetener, chocolate, eating after 8pm, skipping breakfast) and aim to go 7 days without eating/doing it.

Recently, I’ve been eating pretty bad and drinking alot of soda so I want to stop eating fast food and drinking soda for a week. Hopefully, I can actually stop the habit all together because it would just be better for me.


Juice fast day 3&4

Ok, so juice fast still going good.
I am craving food but I’m being strong.
I didn’t get to start my spin class yesterday :(
Apparently, the class starts next week.
But I did get a good workout at the gym yesterday.
Started my new job tonight, at a pizza place.
But I know I’m gonna be strong, I can make it.
Didn’t get to workout tonight because of work so I’ll get a good one in tomorrow.
I’m really proud of myself of making it through this the second time,
And I know I’ll be able to make through the whole 2 months.
So weight for day 3 - 206.7 
Weight for day 4 -  204.9

Juice fast day 1&2

Have been good.
My work out’s have been strong, and I’m not really craving food.
Its working alot better than before.
I’m really happy that I decided to give it another try.
Whenever I get hungry,
The juice usually just fills me up but the water helps too.
My first day of class tomorrow and my first day of spin class.
I’m totally excited.
 My weight for the 1st day -210
2nd day - I’m down to 208 
Can’t wait to tell about my spin class tomorrow :)

My Juice Fast - Refreshed

Ok, so I was juice fasting for about 2 weeks, and I cheated a bunch of times.
I skipped my work out a lot because I thought I was losing weight..
So why bother?
But now, I’m ready to get back at it.
I can’t promise I’ll make it through the whole 2 months
But I promised myself at LEAST 6 weeks.
Also while that is happening, I’m actually gonna work out.
This whole time my work out has been from magazines and work out videos,
But since school is starting, I now have a gym open to me and a bunch of classes.
So I’m going to take advantage of that and work out as much as I can.
My roommate is pretty annoying, so being out of the house is kinda key for me,
So if I can stay out of the house and work out all the time,
It works out on all levels that I need to get done.
Besides just juice, I’m still gonna go for water and green tea.
It makes me feel alot better and calms me alot.
Its a bit stressful, having to deal with school, and work,
While also working towards my goal, but I’m strong.
I know I can do this.
I’m going to restart it tomorrow, and I am going to write something everyday :) 

Juice Fast : Day 6 - 10

Yeah so around day 6, it wasn’t too great.

Cheated once, we had a bbq with lots of wine.
But after that, I got myself back on the wagon,
And I think I’ll be fine to make through the rest of the 50 days.
I finally got all the juices the way I wanted them now,
And I’m getting to where I can’t wait to work out, so thats good.
Down to 207 which is good.
Green tea is something I only drink sometimes,
But its good, it speeds up your metabolism.
I realized that as long as I shoved water into my body, I’d be fine.
But this is the question I have..
I know that there are these soluble things of fiber.
Its like drink stick things and I know you can mix them in to your water..
And I’m kinda considering it on the really hard days..
Ya know when the hunger is unbearable so I can stay full for a while.
I don’t know, tell me what you think?